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Redemption Guide

Spotify Lifetime

Redemption Guide

Here is where you will find full detailed instructions on redeeming your Spotify Lifetime license.

 Join our Discord Server
  To redeem your Spotify Lifetime license you will need access to our Discord Bot, which requires you to join our Discord server.
   Discord Invite:
  1. Once you have joined our Discord server, find the Spotify Bot in the members list.

  2. It is very important to use any license key related commands in the Spotify Bot’s private messages to keep your license key secure and private. To do so, open the Spotify Bot’s profile and select “Send Message”.

  3. Once you have opened your private messages with the Spotify Bot, type /upgrade and select the command that appears. After selecting the command, fill in all the required fields and hit enter.

  4. After using the command, and your key is valid, the bot will send you an invite link to a Spotify family plan and an address to match.

  5. After clicking on the invite you will be redirected to the invitation page. Simply click “Accept Invite” and you will then be prompted to either log in or select your desired account.

  6. After logging in you will then be prompted to enter an address. You will need to enter the address the bot provided to you and click “Find Address” and select the first address that appears.

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