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GTA Modded Account PC (King)

GTA Modded Account PC (King)


✔️ RP Rank 391
✔️ All Stats Maxed
✔️ $125 Million Cash
✔️ Modded outfits
✔️ Fast Reload
✔️ Modded Fast Run
✔️ Full Garage Of Deluxos 
✔️ Unlock All (Including Rockstar dev tshirts)
✔️ Businesses, Apartments, Office + More
✔️ Instant delivery
✔️ Full Access (Rockstar Games)
✔️ Without any game bans.
✔️ More!

After payment, you will receive the account information instantly, You can also change any info on the account.

Out of stock


The account is created by our team with the safest possible methods used to add levels and money.

Note: outfits in these accounts are not guaranteed to work as displayed as several of these outfits have been blacklisted by Rockstar. This is a well known issue with all modded accounts, popular clothes like checkers have been blacklisted.

Important Note:
We recommend spending less than 10 million a day to keep yourself safe, If you decide to go selling your garage new fillings of Deluxos, keep within the safe limits:

✔️ Not more than 2 sales per 2 real-world hours.
✔️ Not more than 7 sales per 30 real-world hours.

We are not responsibility for any bans after purchase.


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